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Vechkanova Natal'ya Aleksandrovna, Candidate of biological sciences, associate professor, sub-department of normal and pathological physiology with a hygiene course, Ogarev Mordovia State University (68 Bolshevistskaya street, Saransk, the Republic of Mordovia, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. Morphometric features of structural adaptation of nervous tissue in postnatal ontogenesis of a multichamber stomach of intermuscular neuroplexes at artificial cultivation are for the first time established and defined.
Material and methods. Processing of material was carried out in research laboratory of "Histophysiology" at Ogarev Mordovia State University. For the experiment 35 heads of animals were selected, five animals were killed right after the birth. The others were distributed on control and skilled groups. Lambs of control group were fed with a natural method ewes. Lambs of skilled groups according to manuals, were on artificial feeding (ZOM) of Kolvo-Start. For a research took pieces of a wall of big curvature of a grid of sheep of four age periods: newborn, dairy, transitional, period of adaptation to a definitivny diet. In work neuromorphological, morphometric, classical histologic methods and statistical data processing are used. All morphometric operations were executed with the help an eyepiece micrometer of MOB-1-15X (Gost-151-50-69) with use an object micrometer. When carrying out morphometric researches were guided by the technique offered by G. G. Avtandilov.
Results and conclusion. The conducted complex research ганглиев intermuscular neuroplex of a grid allowed to establish that at early stages of post-natal ontogenesis in the conditions of artificial cultivation with use of ZOM Kolvo-Start, many morphogenetic processes which include growth ганглиев in width and in length, increases in distance between them, a neurocell population differentiation and also formation of neuro and fabric relationship are implemented. 

Key words

intramural ganglion, intermuscular neuroplex, artificial feeding, nucleocytoplasmic relation, morphogenesis 

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